3+ Best Sex Video Sites | Pros & Cons | (100% Free)

There are so many different options to watch free sex videos on the web, but you’ll almost always run into the same problem: Low. Quality. Content.

5+ Best Sex Video Sites | Pros & Cons | (100% Free)

It seems as if the sole purpose of most adult video websites is to throw up some low-def clips and spam you with ads.

Almost all free tube sites have advertising on them, which is totally fine, but there are platforms out there that don’t have intrusive, misleading ads.

This top 3 list goes over the best websites to watch sex videos for free, and it’s meant to be a solution to find platforms to repeatedly visit for frequent content. In fact, after you check out our list you’ll probably never need to look for a new site to browse sex clips ever again!

1. BubbleClips


BubbleClips is a newly established HD sex video website where you can watch premium video clips for free. They post content from popular paid-subscription adult video sites like Mofos, Team Skeet, Passion-HD, and a whole lot more.

Here’s the catch, they condense the full movies into 8-minute clips, which are carefully edited to include the best parts from every sex scene. Furthermore, they always link to the source to watch the full adult movies in case you want to see the entire thing.

Think of it like this: You’re getting super high-quality, HD sex videos, but without the bad acting or cringey stuff that might ruin your “immersion”.

Their primary focus is on 3 main categories: Amateur Porn, Naked Girls, and Teen Sex.

You can also check out all of their videos now!

Fun fact: On every sex video that BubbleClips uploads, they write an in-depth description for the scene. Additionally, they provide useful timestamps so you’re able to easily navigate to certain parts. Here’s a screenshot that shows an example of these timestamps:


Let’s check out the Pros & Cons of BubbleClips’ platform.


  • All sex videos are high-quality
    The main appeal of this site is that all of their content is HD. It’s like you’re getting premium content for free.
  • No lag or buffering
    As long as you’re not on a horrible internet connection, watching videos on BubbleClips should be a lag-free experience.
  • There’s no annoying advertising
    This platform doesn’t hinder you with intrusive ads that slow down browsing and constantly annoy you.


  • Limited amount of categories
    While they frequently upload good content to their 3 main categories, some other bigger sites have dozens of categories to choose from.
  • Not a massive amount of total videos.
    While the content on BubbleClips is super high-quality, at the moment their library is pretty small in comparison to some huge adult video sites.

Visit BubbleClips

2. The Pornhub Network


Pornhub is by far the largest provider of free sex videos in the world. Their collective network includes sites such as Redtube, Youporn, Tube8 and more!

You can navigate all the sites in their network in the navigation bar on the top of their websites:

Pornhub Network

In addition to providing a great, expansive platform to watch sex videos for free, Pornhub is also known for running charity campaigns like Save the Boobies. Sadly, they’ve had donations to charity declined in the past. Recently, they’ve even become advocates for teaching the world sexual education with their launching of the Pornhub Sexual Wellness Center.

Fun fact: In 2014, Youporn broke into the esports scene by launching TeamYP, a serious competitive gaming team! They’ve signed a League of Legends team, a Counter-strike team, which was been banned from competing in ESL, and now they’re breaking into Overwatch!

What really made Pornhub’s mark in the industry was being largely featured in the movie Don Jon in 2013. Check out the movie trivia here!

PornHub, an actual pornography video website Jon goes on, supplied videos for production.

So to those thinking about using the Pornhub network, remember that you’ll be using the same platform that Joseph Gordon-Levitt does!

All jokes aside, now that you’ve got a feel for what they’re all about, let’s go over the Pros & Cons of their platform.


  • Good category sorting
    The category sorting on their navigation bar is actually very good. Check it out for yourself.
  • No buffering on videos
    For the most part, the clips on their website don’t lag and work pretty decently on mobile.
  • Endless amounts of free content
    No matter which category you choose to browse, there’s a seemingly endless amount of free sex videos for you to watch.


  • Lots of advertising
    Pornhub has audio-playing popups of live cams, lots of banner ads, and pre-roll ads on videos. While this is a good platform to watch sex videos, be prepared to view some adverts as well.
  • Many videos aren’t high-quality
    This is the bane of almost all “adult tube sites”. Most of the videos are pretty low quality and don’t really complete with any premium websites.
  • Little to no full movies
    Again, with tube sites, there is always a huge issue with quality. Most videos on their platform aren’t full-length, and there usually aren’t any linked sources to the full movies.

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3. xVideos & Xnxx


Both xvideos.com and xnxx.com are some of the oldest and most well-known sex video platforms on the web, but not many know that they’re part of the same network. For that reason, we’re going to group these two behemoths together and place them as #3 on our list.

The most appealing part of this network is the multitude of sex clips to browse on their platform. There’s so much content in their massive library that you could actually keep watching all day, every day and still not be able to keep up with new videos constantly being uploaded.

Fun fact: In the past, Pornhub.com was actually beaten out in traffic by xvideos.com, but in late 2016 a huge shift in users began making Pornhub individually the largest porn site in the world! Here are two graphs comparing the traffic statistics between the two in 2016:

Pornhub Graph XVideos Graph

But like all adult video sites, they still have their strengths and weaknesses:


  • Enormous amount of videos
    There are literally millions of sex videos on this platform. Good luck watching them all!
  • New clips added hourly
    They get so many user-submissions that new sex clips are reviewed and published hourly!
  • Good video player
    Their video player runs extremely well, it doesn’t buffer at all and it works beautifully on mobile.


  • Pretty low quality content overall
    There’s a ton of user-submitted content, which are usually very low in quality. However, if you’re into the “real” aspect of it, then xvideos/xnxx might be a good choice for you.
  • Lots of “anything goes” weird stuff
    Again, due to the amount of user-submissions, there’s a whole lot of weird fetish content.
  • Advertising everywhere
    Pretty much everywhere you look on this site, you’re going to have an ad in your face.

Visit XVideos

(More content coming soon to complete the full list!)

All 3 adult video platforms included on our list have earned their place as some of the best on the web. Now go try them out for yourself!

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